Get to the root causes, with Functional Testing

Functional Testing

What is Functional Testing and how does it help?

Functional Testing provides an effective and scientific way for me to get to the root causes of your illness or disease. Unlike traditional diagnostic techniques it focusses on the cause of your imbalances rather than just on your syptoms. This allows me to see and understand root causes and provide a much more personalised approach for your journey to optimum wellness.

The Tests

Order your Functional Tests via Embracing Nutrition

Order your Functional Tests via us and we can interpret the results for you. It’s probably best to book a consultation first to understand what tests you may need and we can make a plan that suits you best.

Please note: Some tests require additional phlebotomy services, we can make recommendations based on your location, but the cost of phlebotomy, if required, is not included in the cost of the tests. See the details on the tests to see if they require blood samples.

  • GI Effects 

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  • Metabolomix+

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  • (Cyrex array 2) Intestinal permeability

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  • (Cyrex Array 3x) Wheat and Gluten Reactivity Panel

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  • (Cyrex Array 5) Multiple autoimmune screen

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  • (Cyrex Array 10) Multiple Food Immune Reactivity Screen

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  • (Cyrex Array 11) Chemical immune reactivity

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  • (Cyrex Array 12) – Pathogen Associated Immune Reactivity Screen

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  • Advanced Chronic Viral Profile

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  • Coeliac and Gluten Sensitivity Test

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  • Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Profile

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  • CV Health

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  • Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones (DUTCH) Plus

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  • DUTCH Cycle Mapping Test

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  • Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acids Analysis

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  • GPL Tox

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