About Your Functional Medicine Consultation

Once you have booked your appointment, you will be sent a welcome pack which includes a comprehensive questionnaire and a 3-day diet diary, which you can either bring to your clinic appointment or return by email for your remote consultation.

Your initial appointment can last up to 1 hour and gives us an opportunity to explore the symptoms, but also the cause of what has brought you in to see me.

We will work together to create individualised wellness goals and a plan based around dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and supplementation.

Functional testing is a big part of my work to be able to ascertain the myriad of imbalances driving your symptoms.

You will receive a copy of your plan and goals within 2 working days, which includes a section for you to keep a record for any questions or comments to bring to your review to discuss.

If you would like support on your existing plan prior to your next review, please book a 15-minute interim consultation.

Follow up appointments usually last 30 minutes and are usually scheduled after four weeks, but each client’s journey is individualised and therefore will be agreed together.

If you would like longer than 30 minutes in order to have a comprehensive review or for feedback of your results, then please see the 1 hour follow up session.

You can book appointments in the book now tab, and Skype and facetime consultations are also available.

Initial Consultation £250
30 minute Follow up consultation £130
1 hour follow up consultation £200
15 minute interim consultation £45