(Cyrex Array 11) Chemical immune reactivity


This test requires 2 mls serum.

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It has become impossible to completely avoid environmental toxins no matter where you live. These toxins are now in our oceans, rivers, lakes, rainwater, and air. They are found in the soil throughout the world, and the chemicals in produce cannot be washed or peeled away as they bind to proteins in the plant while it’s growing.

From the toxins, moulds produce in damps crops like corn and peanuts, through to the BPA found in plastics and the heavy metals in ocean fish and soil.

Exposure to high levels of toxins can compromise liver function and disrupt enzyme activity in the body. However, certain individuals will develop chemical sensitivities to these toxins. This isn’t related to the amount of toxin, instead, it’s dependent on whether the immune system is reacting to these environmental compounds of not. It’s possible to react to a toxin in the same way you can react to a food, such as gluten or dairy.

Important new research suggests that 20% of people show immune reactivity to environmental toxins. What’s more in some individuals these toxins can be an important driver in autoimmune disease.

For this to happen the chemicals have to bind to our own tissue creating new antigens. Antigens are substances that cause your immune system to produce antibodies, tagging them for destruction. On their own, the chemicals aren’t recognised by the immune system. It’s only when they combine with our own proteins that they become a target, and so does our healthy tissue. This is thought to be a key trigger in some cases of the autoimmune disease – explaining why the immune system has started to attack our own cells.

This phenomenon can also lead to an overactive immune system and a loss of chemical tolerance. This manifests as:

  • Intolerance to smells
  • Intolerance to jewellery
  • Intolerance to shampoo, lotions, make-up, detergents, etc.
  • Multiple food sensitivities
  • Constant skin outbreaks

People with loss of chemical tolerance often react to car fumes, body products, perfumes and any strong smells. It’s also associated with symptoms such as asthma, migraines, depression, fibromyalgia, fatigue, brain fog, memory loss, incontinence, neurological dysfunction, rashes, and autoimmune symptoms.

Due to advances in laboratory testing, it is now possible to test to see what chemicals your immune system is overreacting to. Once identified, exposure to these agents can be minimised to help calm down inflammation and tissue damage while a protocol is implemented to help restore immune tolerance.

The test measure immune reactivity to a wide range of chemicals including mould toxins, detergent chemicals, plasticisers, benzene derivatives, flame retardants, dry-cleaning chemicals, parabens, and heavy metals.

This test is recommended to those with:

  • Sign and symptoms of loss of chemical tolerance
  • Abnormal immune function
  • Autoimmune disease and/or a family history of autoimmune disease



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