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Recommended Products

Berkey water filter:

Berkey® Water Filters are the world leader in water filters and water purification.  USA made high end portable water filter systems for our home or offices.

Whole house water filter:

The EcoPlus system filters levels of Chlorine and other compounds to improve water quality, and prevents limescale for your whole home.

PH Test Strips

pH Test Strips for Testing Alkaline and Acid Levels in The Body

Electro and geopathic stress protection:

The E704 Energetic Vitaliser helps to protect from the harmful effects of Electro Pollution and Geopathic Stress. It creates a circular protective field and healthier environment of a circular area with a diameter of 5 metres (16.4 feet).

Personal protection:

The Geomack G-Oyster helps protect from Electro Stress (including 5G), Geopathic Stress and is also a Personal Energy Booster that you can carry with you anywhere.

Cleaning products:

There’s no need for harsh chemicals or different products to clean every surface. Koh is one simple, effective and eco-friendly cleaning system for your whole home.

Make up:

Discover a range of natural and organic makeup that will leave you glowing. From organic foundations, to natural mascaras, we hunt down the most exciting and effective clean cosmetics that are truly worth the hype. 

Theraband for resistance exercise:

Resistance Band Set Stretch Bands Exercise Bands for Yoga Ballet Pilates Workout Exercise

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan Salt Lamps are the perfect remedy for stressed out lives. Known benefits include a sleep booster, air purifier and an energy balancer.

Vagus nerve stimulation and relaxation:

Sensate provides on-the-spot profound relaxation in as few as 10 minutes – all the healthy results for mind and body, but without the years of training.

Blood sugar management:

The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system is designed to liberate patients from the hassles1 of glucose monitoring.

Blue light blocking glasses:

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses for Better Night Sleep



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