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What Our Clients Say - Testimonials

Jo always makes me feel a renewed sense of confidence that I’m on the right track; I
know she’s got my back throughout my journey with terminal illness, wherever it
leads. She’s the brains behind my cancer protocol, so I can simply concentrate on
being happy, staying calm and being as healthy as I can. It’s just such a huge help to
have someone with her degree of knowledge do the research on my behalf, as it can
become very, very complex living with cancer. We’ve been working together for over
two years now, and I simply can’t imagine not having her to maximise my health
potential. You’re a star!


If you need a functional practitioner to help look no further than embracing nutrition. Jo is so enthusiastic and really lifts your spirits. Certainly very knowledgeable and keen. When conventional medicine failed, Jo didn’t, she has supported me and completely changed my diet for the better. Takes the time to explain what she is doing and the reason why she thinks her recommendations will be good for me. Always there for support, she has an impressive range of knowledge about cancer and will always check interactions with conventional drugs.


I was referred to Jo after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She has an impressive breadth of knowledge about cancer and nutrition, and she will research anything that she doesn’t know (for example, checking interactions with new drugs). Jo loves understanding the science of cancer and nutrition too – which is very reassuring. After every consultation, Jo sends me a detailed plan summarising what we have discussed with clear action points that I can follow up. I feel healthier now than I have done for years!

Following Jo’s careful advice, I eat like a king and feel better than I have done for years!

Jo is a goldmine of nutrition knowledge and suggestions. She loves knowing how the body works (and is excellent at explaining it in layman’s terms) and she keeps abreast of the academic work around nutrition – I feel confident that she is up to date with the very latest understanding.


I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey working with Jo after deciding that I’d got a few minor symptoms that deserved some investigation, but which the NHS probably wouldn’t want to investigate. Jo is extremely knowledgeable and approachable, instilling confidence in me for the path we are exploring together. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo whether you think your symptoms are large or small, as Jo will take them seriously and you don’t need your health to escalate to an NHS-level diagnosis to access her help. If it bothers you, it’s worth investigating, and Jo is the knowledge-bank that you want to have by your side.


What a wonderful consultation with one of the most impressive and inspirational people I’ve ever met. Cannot wait to see what happens on this journey into making my health the best it’s ever been


Jo’s knowledge & commitment to her clients is amazing. Working with her firstly gave me hope as somebody was finally listening & piecing the puzzle together, each symptom however trivial meant something, secondly it freed me from the autoimmune disease roller coaster of ill health & immunosuppressant drug therapy and its side effects, thirdly I gained good health after many years of struggling & a longed-for baby, she is absolutely incredible!


Both my husband and I suffered from medical conditions and could find no solution from conventional medicine. Finding Jo was the turning point in our recovery. Her pragmatic yet caring approach and her vast knowledge has given us our health back and caused positive ripple effects through our family as we pass on her teachings to them. We have to travel two hours to see her but it is a small price to pay for our overall health. Can’t thank her enough!


Jo is an amazing support to our family and we credit her with keeping our daughter healthy through her cancer journey and beyond. Jo is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped us all in so many ways. We feel very lucky to have Jo supporting us. We literally would not be where we are today without Jo. Thank you.


My ongoing experience with Jo just gets better and better! It’s more than two years since I first started working with Jo on my relatively low level health issues, and I can honestly say Jo’s enthusiasm for working with me towards my revised goals is just a strong as it was at my first consultation. I value her advice and approach over anything my GP could offer. She is my number one go-to health professional and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Thank you Jo for your invaluable ongoing support and care. I really appreciate your help.


I saw some great results from the functional testing that Jo recently re-ordered. It has been only 18 months since I started this plan and I have already seen such improvements and evidence that my health is moving in the right direction. The amount of confidence and reassurance this gives me, after being diagnosed with a critical illness, is immense. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Jo’s guidance and insight.


I wouldn’t have believed I would actually feel well again until I met Jo who not only describes things to me so that I understand, prescribes supplements that work and advises small life-style changes but also heals. I can’t recommend Jo enough – if you want to begin the journey to wellness listen to what she has to say and follow her advice.


Deteriorating health and additional medication were not where I wanted to be at the beginning of the year! Being guided to Jo Gamble was the start of a great improvement in my wellbeing.

Through her knowledge and experience, she helped me change my eating habits from fairly good to great and with the addition of supplements I have now made an investment in my future health.

Now I want to know why more people don’t look at this holistic approach, there is nothing to lose and so much to be gained!

The next year is looking so much brighter for me.


Jo has the unusual combination of intellect and empathy. When you meet her, you realise you are in the immensely capable hands of a scientist who cares about her profession and a warm human being who cares about you. The depth her knowledge is unfathomable and her ability to articulate what the science means without being patronising is spot on. I learned so much in such a short period of time. I feel informed, equipped and supported to make the necessary changes to my lifestyle that I need to optimise my chances of health and happiness.


I literally cried with happiness that I felt I had finally found someone who understood, listened and was on the same page as me. Jo was extremely professional, explained things very clearly and I was extremely happy with the appointment. I feel that I have hope again!


This is the 4th plan I have had with Jo now. I have always found her to be warm, friendly and very welcoming. Her knowledge and understanding of both the physiological difficulties I have been experiencing with my thyroid/adrenal glands and the impact on my mental health are astounding. She is so holistic in her approach and the planned protocol to follow. She always takes into consideration my own personal life and circumstances. I always leave the appointments (either in person or on the phone) feeling 100% satisfied and really positive! Through diet, life style choices and supplements my latest blood tests have proven that this works without any prescribed medication. 


For the first time in a long time Jo has made me feel like I’m not crazy, there is actually something wrong with my body and she has found the root cause. I feel incredibly hopeful for the future of my health and would recommend Jo to anyone who feels that they are out of options or who has been disappointed by their doctors ability to help them.


Jo was extremely accommodating and a really excellent listener. I felt as though she fully understood what I told her and was hugely knowledgeable. She quickly came to a conclusion and gave me two good options going forward. We settled on one and I came away feeling really positive. I am very much looking forward to making progress with her.


Since starting my consultations with Jo and following her recommendations. I have felt so much better physically and mentally. I had a kidney removed due to cancer. Further scans showed I also had it in my lungs. However, with Jo’s help, the flecks on my lungs have been kept at bay and I am not on targeted treatment. I could not recommend Jo highly enough, she is knowledgeable, professional, and incredible intuitive along with being a lovely person too.


Jo is an amazing support – highly knowledgeable, practical, kind and gets to the nub of issues quickly. Highly Recommended.


Jo was very understanding of my daughters IBS condition. The words she used were positive and encouraging and finally we have a plan to move forward after 11 years of stalemate


Wonderful practitioner with second to non skills. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone and everyone as her knowledge is extremely expansive with wonderful personal skills too.


Jo is absolutely great. She is very understanding and easy to open up to. She is professional and has a lot of knowledge which makes you feel confident in being able to improve your life and empowered to take control of your health.


Jo is very understanding and approachable, she listens and takes on board all of your concerns and deals with them asap. So glad I found her.


Jo Gamble is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner who puts you at ease, is patient and listens. Jo is also excellent at explaining complicated issues. I am confident that she will help me to attain a much better quality of life.


Jo is very professional and lovely person, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to meet her. I would definitely recommend her to anybody!!!!


I had such a good consultation with Jo. She was so passionate about functional medicine and I feel confident we will get to the bottom of my health issues


We feel confident that the advice from Jo will support our daughter, help her to manage her conditions and her overall health.


Such a luxury to feel listened to by a professional whose advice I hugely value. Thank you


Jo Gamble is a star


Jo is an absolute pillar for my wellbeing, and always makes me feel reassured


We always look forward to seeing Jo. She is very kind and compassionate person. Very professional lady with massive knowledge. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my therapist


I have been researching functional medicine for a while now and glad I found Jo through the IMF website. I have been given some lifestyle and diet changes to incorporate which have already started to help. Jo focuses on the root cause and the whole body rather than looking at just a cure for a certain problem. This approach to medicine is definitely the way forward and I have already recommended to friends.


Very thorough and very professional. Jo actually listens to what clients have to say in great depth and that is very refreshing


I am so impressed at the knowledge that jo has and confident that she is doing her very best to get my body in the best shape to fight my cancer and I am so grateful to have her in my support network


Jo has helped me to bring all the pieces together and look at my health, diet and lifestyle holistically. She is professional, knowledgeable and “down to earth” and I highly recommend her.


Thank you Jo, in one hour you gave me more insight into my health than dozens of doctors have over the last 5 years! It was so helpful and I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who isn’t getting answers from elsewhere. Thank you again. 


For over two years Jo has been helping my daughter to reclaim her health after thyroid cancer. Jo’s suggestions for tests, supplements, diet and lifestyle adjustments transformed my daughter’s health and quality of life. She is now bursting with energy and is enjoying really good health. We are so grateful to Jo for her help – we found it invaluable.


I have been consulting Jo for about 15 months and she has guided me to understand how important it is for me to manage and balance my lifestyle to maintain good gut health, and totally linked to that, general good health. I was impressed with Jo’s knowledge, ability to make complex systems in my body very understandable, and her empathy and understanding for someone with my health challenges. She was also very direct in letting me know what the impact could be of not addressing these issues – and that was exactly what I needed to make me take it seriously and make the necessary changes. The changes were not only effective but also added a huge amount of pleasure into my life despite the constant challenge of making sure I practise these rituals to support my health on a daily basis. The improvement in my health was outstanding, so much so that people around me were asking me how come I looked so healthy! And had so much energy too! Jo has taught me that balance is really important and that my natural instinct to be busy and take on a lot was not supporting my health and in fact causing the problems with my gut, hair falling out clogging up the shower drain, poor experience of menopause, anxiety, bloating, food sensitivities and asthma, and other symptoms. Healing is a process and Jo is very sensitive to how challenging it is to make sustained lifestyle changes to support this process. She also impresses on me that lifestyle is one of the most powerful ‘medicines’ to support healing.  Jo is very cognizant of what impact significant life events have on health and is empathetic and understanding. Her combination of forensic exploration of underlying root causes of symptoms; guidance on diet, supplements and lifestyle; straight talking and empathy, make Jo the first person I would consult with about all existing and any future health concerns.


I always find talking to Jo Gamble an uplifting and useful experience, not only for her extremely knowledgeable advice but her gentle and understanding manner never fails to make the impossible totally doable! She doesn’t ever make you feel bad about your choices, always encourages one to make better choices!


Really in-depth advice from Jo. She always takes time to explain in detail what she is thinking. She advised the best new testing based on my genetic testing, previous history and symptoms and I look forward to discussing the results and the next plan. 


Jo has an incredible combination of qualities that span the professional spectrum – she is highly knowledgeable, articulate, and efficient yet warm, kind and nurturing. She came highly recommended to me and after my first appointment I can see why. 


Jo has been amazing!! She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. 
We came away from our appointment feeling hopeful and secure in the knowledge that Jo can guide us in the best direction. 


From a sceptical start (just my nature) my views have changed. I have followed Jo’s plans and guidance and have made substantial gains all round. We continue to work together but I and my life have improved significantly.


Jo is so knowledgeable and instantly makes you feel like you are in the right place. I feel confident entrusting her with getting to the root cause of my health issues. 


Jo offers a fully holistic & comprehensive evaluation of health in an empathetic and insightful manner. Her healthcare plans are always effective offering a freedom from illness that I have never had before, she has been my saviour!


Jo Gamble is really knowledgeable. I have seen a number of specialists regarding my health issues and after seeing Jo I actually now feel that I am on the right path to recovery.


Jo’s approach was thorough and holistic both in terms of the consultation and advice given. She offered creative solutions to what I see as a complicated health issue. I left inspired and ready for change and look forward to further follow ups and advice.


 Very efficient and professional service from booking appt to consultation. So happy with the whole experience 


Jo really listens, perceptively tunes in to what you say and what you don’t say and uses her vast experience and knowledge to suggest wholistic long term solutions.

Nicky S

A very knowledgeable professional who listened intensely to my worries regarding my health and immediately put a plan of action in place. It was the first time someone had taken the time to really listen to me. I will keep you posted as to my progress over the next few months 😃 


Professional, confidence inspiring and a ray of hope in what is a very difficult time


Andrew S

Previously received life changing help. Always professional & extremely supportive. 

Jeanette G

Jo has given me greater insight into exactly what I need, and I am confident her recommendations can get me through. Thank goodness Jo was recommended to me. 

Jerry J

Jo is extremely knowledgeable, her advice is simple and straightforward, pin pointing the most important course of treatment. I would highly recommend her.

Laurie S

Jo is so knowledgeable, proactive and helpful, she would be our first port of call, every time

Karen J

The FaceTime with Jo was brilliant, she thoroughly talked me through all of my test results and was confident about the plan she wants to put in place for me. I’m enthusiastic about this and look forward to starting the plan. 

Gabrielle P

I have just recovered from endometrial cancer and someone highly recommended Jo Gamble. I got an appt with her very quickly and we had a FaceTime appt. 

I am really excited about my journey going forward. I have felt ill for a long time but I feel confident that Jo is the right person to help me get my body functioning properly again. 

Linda R

Jo Gamble is very professional and has great insight into knowing when to look at the ‘bigger picture’ as in treating the client holistically. She is able to be empathetic and supportive. Just wonderful!


What can I say? Heartfelt thanks for listening and creating a thoughtful workable plan through positive discussion during a very difficult time.  


Jo is so professional and knowledgeable and I felt that I was in safe hands. Every minute was to the point and no time was wasted. I still felt at ease to discuss what I needed to and I felt that every thing I said was given due attention. I’m really looking forward to Jo’s recommendations.




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