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Have you been trying to understand your own health or that of a loved one?
Do you keep coming back to why did this happen?

Or are you struggling at the first hurdle because doctors haven’t been able to identify the cause of your symptoms?

Well, functional medicine can give you the answers, so let’s start your journey and we can work together to achieve your health goals.

Achieve Optimal Wellness with Functional Medicine

We are a Functional Medicine Clinic providing online consultations to happy clients in the UK and around the world.

We believe in education and empowering you with the tools to move forward and make changes step by step. These will have positive impacts on your life and symptoms.

As experts in functional medicine and nutritional therapy, we work with clients all over the UK and internationally to support symptoms connected with an array of health conditions. Our clients’ concerns range from auto-immunity, autism, gut symptoms and anxiety to infertility, or they may need support with pregnancy, skin disorders, cognitive decline or low energy.

Our passion is to dig deep into the causes of your body’s imbalances. We’ll support you in making dietary changes and lifestyle modifications and we’ll recommend supplements when necessary to support a deficiency or to correct an imbalance.

Our work is 100% personalised to you the client. Using science-based evidence, we frequently discuss options for functional testing. That way our functional medicine expertise alongside your test results guide us on a journey bespoke to you.

Jo Gamble was the first qualified functional medicine practitioner in the UK. Jo believes you must first establish the cause of imbalances to achieve wellness because treating symptoms doesn’t resolve the underlying problem. It merely puts a plaster over the ‘dirty wound’ – you can’t see the dirt but it’s still there, ready to create more imbalances. By establishing the interwoven web of connections between mind, body and spirit, it’s possible to correct imbalances that cause disease and dysfunction, step by step.

Functional medicine is a unique approach to person-centred care. Your body acts as a dynamic, integrated whole with an ever-changing relationship between internal (mind, body and spirit) and external (physical and social environment).

Functional Medicine doesn’t focus on diseases but on their causes.

You can’t change your past, but you can make changes for your future.

functional medicine practitioner

“You can’t change your past,

but you can make changes for your future”

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