Functional Medicine – Nutrition Therapy to achieve wellness

Functional Medicine UK - Jo Gamble - Embracing Nutrition

Jo Gamble BA (Hons) Dip CNM IFMCP ABAAHP Fellow ICT

As an expert in functional medicine, I work with clients in Coventry as well as all over the country and internationally to support symptoms associated with a full array of health conditions from auto-immunity to autism, from infertility to pregnancy, from gut symptoms to anxiety from cognitive decline to low energy and to support clients to practice the power of prevention.

My passion is to dig deep into the cause of the imbalance and support you to make dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and use supplements where necessary to support a deficiency or to correct an imbalance.

My work is 100% personalised to you the client. Using science-based evidence, my functional medicine expertise and your labs to guide us on the journey.

As the first UK qualified Functional Medicine practitioner, I believe in order to achieve wellness, you must first establish the cause of the imbalance. Treating the symptoms does not alleviate the underlying problem, it is merely putting a plaster over the dirty wound; whilst you can’t see the dirt it is still there ready to create more areas of imbalance. By establishing the interwoven web of connections between mind, body and spirit, it is possible to rebuild the imbalances, piece-by-piece that cause disease and dysfunction.

Functional medicine is a unique approach to person-centred care, rather than disease focused. The body acts as a dynamic integrated whole with an ever-changing relationship between internal (mind, body and spirit) and external (physical and social environment).

Have you been trying to understand your own health or that of one of your loved ones?  But keep coming back to But Why? Or struggling at the first hurdle because doctors haven’t been able to identify the cause of your symptoms?  Well, Functional medicine can give you the answers, can take you on a journey and together we can work to achieve your health goals.