Nurture Your Gut to Support Your Joints

Is joint pain and arthritis connected to your gut

Do you suffer from aching, stiff joints, and need to pop more painkillers than you’d like? Painful joints are not simply an inevitable side effect of growing older, but they are signals from your body telling you something is amiss.
Although you might think your gut and your joints couldn’t possibly be connected, your gut holds the key to healthy joints.

What Does Your Poo Say About You?

What your poo says about you

Did you know your poo can tell a story?
The contents of your poo can reveal how your gut is functioning, the types of microorganisms living there, the substances they’re producing and whether the cells in your intestines are healthy.
If you’ve ever wondered what your gut may be trying to say to you, read on to learn more about the fascinating world of your poo!

Natural Relief for Sciatica

Natural Relief for Sciatica

If you’ve ever suffered from sciatica, you’ll know how troublesome it can be. Pain and numbness in your lower back, buttocks and feet are all symptoms of sciatica.
Read on for a round-up of the causes of sciatica and most importantly, how you can naturally ease the pain.

Sarcoma – It’s Time to Raise the Profile

Sarcoma Awareness Month Ribbon

Over five thousand people in the UK are diagnosed with sarcoma every year. Yet research has found as many as three-quarters of people in the UK have very little awareness of the condition.

Are you Infected with H Pylori?

H pylori bacteria

Do you suffer from frequent heartburn or acid reflux? Does it feel like there’s a heavy stone in your stomach, or do you often belch after eating? Have you ever considered you might be infected with Helicobacter pylori?

Why is it so Important to Drink Water?

The importance of hydration

Are you adequately hydrated? Water is essential for so many different functions in a healthy body, yet many people don’t release they’re lacking water.

Your Heart: How to Keep the Rhythm

Heart Rhythm

World Heart Rhythm Week aims to increase awareness of the importance of understanding your pulse. So, in support, read on to learn about heart rhythms and how to take care of your heart.

Parasites – Unwelcome Guests in Your Gut

Parasites in Human Gut

The modern world is laden with toxins, with air pollution one of the biggest health and environmental challenges faced today. But did you know your home can be a source of toxins, too?

Is Your Home Toxic?

The modern world is laden with toxins, with air pollution one of the biggest health and environmental challenges faced today. But did you know your home can be a source of toxins, too?

Can Meditation Benefit Your Immune System?

Can Meditation Benefit Your Immune System?

Does your life ever feel relentless, and could you use an opportunity to press reboot?

Then it’s time to try meditation. It’s no secret this ancient practice is a wonderful stress-reliever, but its benefits are far wider than simply leaving you calmer. In support of World Meditation Day, and to encourage you to try it for yourself, read on to discover some unexpected health benefits of meditation.

ME and Your Gut Health

ME and Your Gut Health

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the things which can go awry in your body to potentially lead to ME. Only by understanding the root causes of a disease can they be put right.

How to naturally manage Multiple Sclerosis

naturally manage multiple sclerosis

MS Awareness Week runs from 25 April to 1 May and so this weeks blog discusses how to naturally manage Multiple Sclerosis.
In this article, you’ll discover why MS develops and what can be done to manage the disease.

Natural Support for Parkinson’s Disease

Natural Support for Parkinson's disease using Functional Medicine

Every hour, two people are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s. A degenerative condition, meaning symptoms become worse over time, Parkinson’s can make everyday tasks a challenge.

To support Parkinson’s Awareness Week, read on to find out more about the condition, the causes of its symptoms and how you can naturally support yourself or a loved one living with Parkinson’s.

Natural Help for Heartburn

Natural Help for Heartburn

If you suffer from heartburn, you’ll know the burning sensation can make your life a misery.

Heartburn is caused by acid from your stomach travelling up into your throat. A typical approach to heartburn is to take antacids, but is this the right approach?

Why You Should Look After Your Oral Health

Look after your oral health

World Oral Health Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy mouth. Of course, poor oral health is connected with tooth decay, gum disease, pain and inconvenience, but did you know the overall health of your body is intimately connected with the health of your mouth? In this blog you’ll learn about […]

Can Lack of Sleep Affect Your Blood Sugar?

can sleep affect your blood pressure

Efficient control of your blood sugar level is incredibly important for your overall health. Many factors influence how well you can regulate your blood sugar, but did you know sleep is one of them? In this blog, you’ll learn about how sleep impacts blood sugar control and what this means for your health. Blood Sugar […]

Fibromyalgia and Toxins – are they connected?

Fibromyalgia and Toxins, is there a connection?

Do you suffer from the pain and stiffness of fibromyalgia? Fibromyalgia is a misunderstood and complex disease with no medical cure. It can make your life a misery, with often excruciating pain affecting tender points around your joints and organs. Not only this, if you’re affected by fibromyalgia you may experience severe fatigue, brain fog, […]

The Connection Between Your Mood and Your Gut

depression and the microbiome connection

Think back to a time when you had butterflies in your tummy – maybe an important job interview, or when you first fell in love. Those fluttery feelings are your gut and your brain talking to each other. In the same way that stressful, exciting or nerve-wracking situations cause changes in your digestive system, your […]

The Link Between Inflammation and Your Heart


February is National Heart Month, raising awareness of heart disease. As part of the campaign to encourage you to look after your heart, this article will highlight the importance of controlling inflammation to support your heart health, and some inflammation-busting tips and tricks. First, let’s find out what inflammation is and discover how it can […]

What’s the Link Between Gut Health and Long COVID?

post-covid-syndrom (Long Covid) and the gut

Are you one of the 1.3 million people in the UK affected by long COVID? Do your symptoms seem never-ending, interfering with your quality of life and leaving you depressed and anxious? One of the perplexing aspects of long COVID is its unpredictability. But science is learning more about this condition all the time, and […]

How to Naturally Care for Your Bones

Exercise for bone health

Your bones are your body’s support network, yet they’re often overlooked until they suffer some sort of damage. With an estimated 4.7 million people in the UK affected by osteoporosis, meaning their bones are weak and at risk of fracturing, you may be one of the many people walking around with poor bone health. The […]

The Surprising Connection Between Your Gut and Your Thyroid

The thyroid and its connection with the gut

According to The British Thyroid Foundation, as many as one in twenty people in the UK, mainly women, suffer from some form of thyroid disease. This only counts people who are diagnosed – you may be one of the many people living with undiagnosed thyroid issues. You may not connect the two, but did you […]

Can Pollutants Harm Your Children’s Health?

Can Pollutants Harm Your Child’s Health?

Nowadays the world is bathed in a toxic soup of environmental pollutants from industry, transport, agriculture and even households. Children, with smaller bodies than adults, take in proportionally more pollutants. They’re physically closer to the toxins in dust and soil, and because children tend to pop everything into their mouths, pollutants can easily make their […]

How a Happy Liver can Balance Your Hormones

Happy Liver

If your hormones are out of kilter, it’s likely your liver function is not so great. In celebration of Love Your Liver Month, you’ll discover one of your liver’s frequently overlooked roles – balancing your hormones. The Many Roles of Your Liver It’s tempting to think of your liver simply as a tireless garbage removal […]

How to Banish Visceral Fat

visceral fat

Despite your best intentions, does your waistline seem to expand by the day? If you’ve tried to shift the fat around your middle but discovered it stubbornly stays put, you’re not alone. Chances are your belly is the first place you gain fat and the last place to lose it. The culprit? Visceral fat. This […]

Supercharge Your Immune Arsenal This Winter

supercharge immunity

Is one of your New Year resolutions to nurture your immune system? With news about the latest mutations of the virus causing COVID-19, having a healthy immune system is more important than ever. In this blog, you’ll discover why your immune system is your best friend and protector against viral infections and how to support […]

Learn to Love Your Lymph System

lymphatic system

Winter is tough on your lymphatic system. Its dual roles of waste removal and protection from invaders can be put to the test. With this in mind, here’s an introduction to the world of your lymph system and how you can give yours some support. Meet Your Lymphatic System Your lymph system is a network […]

Fats, Arteries and You


Do you have healthy arteries? If blood vessels become narrowed or blocked by fatty deposits, a condition known as atherosclerosis, blood won’t flow as easily around your body, your heart is forced to work harder and your blood pressure will rise. It might seem logical to adopt a low-fat diet to reduce your risk of […]

Is There a Link Between Food and Inflammation?

Inflamation and food

Inflammation is the new buzzword. Previously thought to be simply a short-term reaction to injury or trauma, inflammation is now recognised as a major player in chronic disease. You might not know you’re suffering from inflammation, so in this article you’ll learn more about this process and how it’s connected with the food you eat. […]

Do Gut Bacteria Control Your Brain?

Gut brain connection

You might not know they’re there, but a staggering amount of bacteria are living their lives right now in your gut. You provide a home to more bacteria than there are cells in your entire body. You may have heard about their helpful role in digestion, but would you have guessed they influence your thoughts, […]

Your Endothelium: Why it’s your Key to Health


What do you know about Endothelium Health? You might be wondering what exactly the endothelium is and why should you care about it. In this article, you’ll learn about endothelium and blood vessel health, and how you can look after yours. Endothelium Explained Your endothelium is the thin layer of cells lining your blood vessels, […]

Prevent Male Hair Loss Using Natural Strategies

Prevent Male Hair Loss

Do you see less and less hair when you look in the mirror? The media is full of stories of celebrities who have turned to expensive treatments to try and regain a full head of hair. As part of Men’s Health Month, this article will look at why male hair loss happens and what can […]

Combat Anxiety by Breathing

breathing for anxiety

Would you like a simple, no-cost technique to manage stress and anxiety? You can learn to combat anxiety by breathing. In a 2018 survey almost 75% of people reported being so stressed during the previous year they’d felt unable to cope. After the last 18 months this figure will doubtless be higher as health concerns, […]