How to Combat Inflammation

How to combat inflammation

Inflammation is increasingly recognised as a factor in chronic illness. In this article we’ll take a closer look at inflammation and what happens when it becomes out of control. There are two types of inflammation – acute inflammation, which is your friend, and chronic inflammation, which is most definitely not welcome. Inflammation can be Useful When you hear the word … Read more

The Importance of Blood Sugar Balance

Do you have a sweet tooth, or reach for sugary treats when you’re stressed and your energy is flagging? If so, chances are you’re suffering from unbalanced blood sugar. In this article, you’ll find out why fluctuations in your blood sugar are bad news for your health. The Sugar Rollercoaster Every cell of your body uses glucose, obtained from … Read more

The Power of Fibre

The importance of fibre in diet

While you’re busy concentrating on consuming plenty of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants crucial to health, don’t forget about fibre. In this article we’ll discover the many health benefits of this often–overlooked part of your diet. What is Fibre? Fibre is contained in the carbohydrate found in plant foods. It’s the part humans are unable to digest. Most foods contain a mixture of two kinds of fibre, soluble and insoluble. Insoluble Fibre Insoluble … Read more

Gut Health and Your Immune System

When you imagine your immune system, you probably think of white blood cells racing around your body to seek out and destroy invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other nasties. It may come as a surprise to learn over three quarters of your immune system is located in your gut. Far from simply concerning itself simply with … Read more

How to Manage Stress

Image of woman trying to manage stress

Chances are you’ve felt the effects of stress since lockdown was introduced. For many people, the uncertainty and lack of control connected with coronavirus is hard to cope with. Stress affects everyone in different ways, and you are unique in what you perceive as a stressor. It may be family conflict, concern for the health of isolated loved ones, … Read more

Eating for Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defence against bacterial or viral infections. When a virus enters your body, various types of white blood cells are mobilised. These are designed to resist viruses, reduce their adverse effects and remember them for the future. A healthy immune system plays a crucial role in whether you fall ill in the … Read more

Boost your Mood and Immunity with Exercise

In these uncertain times, usual routines have been abandoned and responsibilities changed. You may find yourself with less time available to exercise, maybe because of home-schooling or caring responsibilities. Or you may have more time on your hands because of reductions in work priorities and the disappearance of regular social activities. Exercise is central to wellbeing, because it can have a significant impact not only on your … Read more

Infection Control Techniques

Image of the words infection control on a blackboard

Please remember the virus can last for up to 3 days on surfaces such as plastic cardboard and metal Remove your jewelry before you leave the house Only take what is absolutely necessary out with you, avoid reusable shopping bags and even hand-bags purses and wallets. Avoid using cash. Wash hands before you come into your home if you can (use an outside tap or … Read more

Mental Health Amongst the Isolation

Image of anxious and depressed lady during covid 19 lockdown

With everyone in the UK now being urged to socially distance themselves from others, and many self-isolating, it’s natural to feel emotions such as panic, anxiety, loneliness and depression. During this time of uncertainty you may feel you have no control over your situation, which can switch on your stress reaction. Your body then prepares for you to run away or fight. Right now, you’re being asked to do … Read more

The Power of Melatonin

melatonin and sleep

Your alternating pattern of sleeping during the night and staying awake during the day is known as your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. This is controlled by a hormone called melatonin. The correct level of melatonin at the appropriate time helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Scientists have discovered melatonin plays other roles, too. In … Read more

The Importance of Movement

The importance of movement on your health

Some of the simplest lifestyle strategies can seem challenging to fit into your daily routine. Take movement. We all move, but do we do it enough? This article will emphasise the importance of movement, as well as bringing you some easy ways to move more. We are Designed to Move Throughout evolution, nature has designed us for activity. Originally … Read more

Coronavirus How Can I Protect Myself

With coronavirus dominating the daily news, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Read on to discover the importance of a healthy immune system and some natural ways to protect yourself as the outbreak arrives in the UK. What Exactly is the Coronavirus? Coronavirus, or SARS-Cov-2, is a novel type of virus never before detected in humans. The infection it causes is known as COVID-19. … Read more

The Microbiome, Leaky Gut and Your Premature Baby

microbiome and premature babies

It’s becoming well-known we possess a population of bacteria living within us called our microbiome. Previously thought only to influence the health of our digestive system, it’s now apparent your microbiome influences the health of every cell in your body. In this blog we’ll look at how your baby’s microbiome can be affected by the term of … Read more

Your Healthy Heart

Since February is British Heart Foundation’s National Heart Month, in this article we’re focussing on this vital organ. We may take our heart for granted but it works incredibly hard for us, so it deserves a little attention. Your cardiovascular system comprises your heart and circulatory system. Cardiovascular disease, which includes heart attack, stroke and angina is … Read more

Cervical Cancer Awareness

image of green ribbon for cervical cancer

As we approach the end of Cervical Cancer Awareness Month let’s have a closer look at this type of cancer. According to the World Health Organisation, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women, but with effective screening methods its incidence is falling. What is Cancer? Healthy cells in our body know when to divide and when to … Read more

Does Eating Fat Make You Fat?

Does eating fat make you fat

A popular message at this time of year tells us if we eat fat, we’ll gain weight. Although this statement makes logical sense, is it a nutritional myth? In this article we’ll look at how we obtain energy from food and whether eating fat makes you fat. Fat is Energy Dense Food is comprised of carbohydrate, protein and fat all of which … Read more

Your Metabolism and Your Hormones

Your metabolism is the speed at which your body burns off the energy contained in food.  In this article we’ll examine the hormonal control of your metabolism. Your Personal Metabolism Food contains energy in the form of calories which is used by the body. We all vary in how quickly we burn off this energy. … Read more

Your Healthy Morning Routine

Healthy morning routine

Your morning routine can be energising and inspiring or it can pitch you reluctantly into a stressful day. In this article we’ll introduce you to a healthy morning routine which can be an incredibly powerful investment for your health. Your actions first thing in the morning can benefit you all day. Seize the Morning Are … Read more

Look After Your Liver

Spare a thought this New Year for your overworked liver. Many of us don’t give this amazing organ a second thought, but did you know your liver performs over 500 essential functions for you each day? In this article, we’ll find out why your liver is your best friend and how you can give it a … Read more

Do You Suffer from Acid Reflux?

Image of man suffering with acid reflux

Acid reflux, also called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, is an uncomfortable and surprisingly common condition. According to the NHS, there has been a 50% increase in people suffering from acid reflux over the last ten years, up to almost 20% of the population. In fact, acid reflux has become so commonplace it’s often regarded as a normal consequence of eating a … Read more

Plastics and Your Health

Plastic bottles and BPA

We know a great deal about the damaging effect of plastics on our planet and wildlife. But did you know plastics can adversely affect your health, too? In this article we’ll have a closer look on the health effects of plastic and how you can reduce your exposure. The Problem with Plastics Plastic was invented back in 1907 … Read more

Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance

Seed cycling is a method of using food, in this case seeds, to balance hormone levels. Various seeds are eaten during different phases of the menstrual cycle. In this article we’ll take a look at the theory and benefits of seed cycling and find out how it’s done. Hormone Cycles Before we delve into the specifics of seed cycling, it’s helpful to understand what happens to hormone levels … Read more

Grains and Gut Health

Grains and gut health

There’s a hot debate out there all about grains. Are they an essential food group which provide the foundation for a healthy diet or are they dangerous little things which cause chronic inflammation and wreak havoc in our gut? In this article, we’ll discuss the arguments for and against eating grains. What are grains? A grain is the edible fruit of … Read more

Sleep and why it’s so important

Image of woman lying wide awake suffering with insomnia

When we sleep, our bodies repair and reboot. Sleep deprivation is linked to many chronic health problems including low mood, concentration difficulties, poor immunity, hormone imbalance, weight gain and metabolic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. If you’ve ever had a few nights’ broken sleep, you’re probably familiar with some of these symptoms. When … Read more

Vitamin D Should I Have my Levels Tested

All vitamins are important but because vitamin D is essential for so many body processes, low levels of this nutrient can lead to wide ranging health problems. In this article we’ll take a closer look at vitamin D, and why you should get tested. Functions of Vitamin D Almost every cell in your body has receptors for vitamin D, which affects … Read more

Flu Season-how can I support my immune system

Flue season ahead

It’s that time of the year again. With people coughing and spluttering on the train or bus, unpredictable weather and long dark evenings, it’s no wonder we sometimes succumb to the flu. It puts us out of action for days and makes us feel horrible. In this article we’ll look at how you can naturally support your immune system to give yourself the best … Read more

Gut Bacteria and Weight Management

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know we all have a fascinating ecosystem of bacteria living within our digestive system. Collectively called the microbiome, over 2000 different species can potentially make our gut their home. It was previously believed these bacteria really only made a contribution to our digestive health. Indeed … Read more

Oral Microbiome and the Nervous System

Oral microbiome and the nervous system

We’ve spoken at length about the importance of the microbiome in our gut. In this blog we’ll examine another important but less well–known collection of bacteria – those living in our mouth. These bacteria also play a crucial role in our health, particularly of our nerve and brain cells. Oral Bacteria It’s estimated we have over 700 species … Read more

How Your Microbiome Affects your Whole Body

gastrointestinal bacteria diagram

Many of us are aware there’s a population of bacteria living inside our gut. What may take you by surprise is the sheer number and variety of these bacteria and the fact that your population of bacteria is completely unique to you. As if this wasn’t enough, these bacteria are like a complicated chemical factory, … Read more

The Power of Prevention

How many of us breathe a sigh of relief when our car passes its MOT and annual service? It comes back to us with a clean bill of health for another year, tyres checked for safety and wear and tear and with new oil, screenwash and coolant levels topped up. Yet how many of us treat our bodies to regular health … Read more

Food Intolerances and Allergies – What’s the Difference?

Food Intolerance image

We often hear the terms food intolerance and food allergy being used interchangeably, but in reality there’s a significant difference. In this blog we’ll have a look at what happens in both and what lies behind their development. The Role of the Immune System Firstly, food allergies involve the immune system, whereas food intolerances don’t. … Read more

Antioxidants and the importance of eating the Rainbow

antioxidant rich foods and the importance of eating the rainbow

Antioxidants and the importance of eating the Rainbow You may have heard of the idea of putting a rainbow on your plate every day. This is based on the knowledge that a wide variety of colourful plant-based foods will contain a whole range of beneficial antioxidants. In this blog we’ll take a look at antioxidants and why they’re so valuable … Read more

Why is autoimmunity on the rise?

why is autoimmunity on the rise

Why is autoimmunity on the rise? Recent research has revealed more and more people are affected by autoimmune disease. In this article we’ll look at what may be behind this rise. Autoimmune Disease is Increasing It’s estimated four million people, or 1 in 16 of us in the UK, are living with an autoimmune disease. … Read more

Happiness begins in the gut

Happiness begins in the gut Unlikely as it may sound, our digestive system is closely linked with our mood. Far from simply being a place where food is digested and absorbed, recent research is discovering our gut is a dynamic environment where millions of chemical messengers are produced and released. These travel all over our body, which means our gut communicates with our other … Read more

Inflammation begins in the gut

gut microbes and inflammation image

Silent inflammation begins in the gut. Is you gut quietly on fire? We hear a lot about inflammation these days, and this is not surprising since it’s becoming obvious inflammation is a catalyst for just about every chronic health condition. What is Inflammation? Acute Inflammation Inflammation serves a crucial function. The word derives from the Latin … Read more

Promoting neuroplasticity: Helping brains adapt


Promoting neuroplasticity: Helping brains adapt In this blog we’ll be looking at neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to change according to our environment. Our Brains are Not Static It used to be thought our brain stopped developing once we reached a certain age, with neurones gradually dying off over time. However, just as none of us think and behave in the same way as we did 20 … Read more

Histamine imbalance – The role of the gut

histamine imbalance - the role of the gut

Histamine imbalance – The role of the gut If you suffer from unexplained, random symptoms which seem to appear out of nowhere, histamine imbalance could be to blame. Symptoms such as unexplained headaches, facial flushing, digestive issues or itchy nose which come and go can have their roots in histamine imbalance. In this blog we’ll … Read more

Emotional attachment to food

Emotional attachment to food

Emotional attachment to food Why do we Add Value to Something which has no Value? You’re feeling down, a little under the weather. You’re trying to decide what to eat. Hands up who instinctively reaches for a healthy snack? The majority of the time, the answer is no, even though at this time this is what your body really … Read more

Leaky gut – the importance of the barrier wall

Leaky gut – the importance of the barrier wall Is your gut leaky? More accurately called increased intestinal permeability, this condition is often unsuspected but can have a profound effect on our health. In this article we’ll have a look at the importance of our digestive lining, and how to keep it in tip-top health. Keeping … Read more



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