The Positive Effects of Meditation

The poaitive effects of meditation on your family

Do you intend to try meditation but have trouble fitting it into your day? This article will look at some of the wide-ranging physical and mental benefits of meditation. If you think you’re too busy to meditate, it could be just what your body needs. What is Meditation? Meditation involves learning how to direct your … Read more

How Clean is too Clean?

Can you be too clean - is this too clean?

Do you feel you need to eradicate all the germs in your home and on your skin? Many people believe all bacteria are dangerous, and with the advent of covid-19, destroying them seems sensible, meaning sales of hand sanitisers and antibacterial cleaning agents have skyrocketed. But can you end up being too clean? Read on … Read more

How to Manage Raynaud’s Naturally

Raynauds treatment

Do you suffer from cold, numb and painful fingers at the slightest hint of cold weather? Then you may be suffering from Reynaud’s syndrome. February is often the coldest month of the year, meaning misery for the ten million Raynaud’s sufferers in the UK. This month sees Raynaud’s Awareness Month, aiming to increase understanding of … Read more

The Many Health Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent fasting

Have you ever tried fasting? It’s free, comes with numerous health benefits and is surprisingly easy to do. In this article you’ll learn about what happens to your body when you fast, how it can help you stay healthier for longer, and easy ways to incorporate fasting into your lifestyle. Fasting is Natural Fasting describes … Read more

Gift a Healthy Microbiome to Your Baby

Healthy Baby with good microbiome

Your microbiome is the complex community of bacteria living in your gut affecting so many aspects of your health and wellbeing. A healthy microbiome means you’re less likely to suffer from allergies, skin problems and digestive issues, and it also helps you digest and absorb nutrients, supports your immune system and combats inflammation. So, it’s … Read more

How to Beat Blue Monday

Blue Mondays

Blue Monday, the third weekend in January, is officially recognised as the most depressing day of the year. And no wonder, with bills from the festive season, miserable weather, long dark evenings and the aftereffects of Christmas overindulgence.  This year, worries about how to stay safe amid ever-changing restrictions will no doubt add up to … Read more

Change Your Relationship With Sugar

Help with sugar addiction

Do you have a weakness for sugar? Have you ever wondered why you love it so much? Maybe you’ve tried to reduce your sugar intake or avoid it completely, without success. Read on to learn more about the sweet stuff with some motivation to say goodbye to sugar for good. Sugar has Many Disguises Sugar … Read more

How to Detox – An easy guide

How to Detox

Suffering from tiredness, joint and muscle aches, brain fog, skin problems, bad breath or digestive issues with no obvious cause? Then it sounds as though you would benefit from a detox. Read on for a simple guide to detoxifying your body. The Many Benefits of Detoxing Following a detox, your body will function better, you’ll … Read more

Balance Your Blood Sugar to Lose Weight

metabolic syndrome

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to shift those excess pounds yet nothing seems to work? Then maybe you’d benefit from balancing your blood sugar levels. If they aren’t stable, you’ll find it hard to lose weight. Read on to discover the link between blood sugar control and healthy weight management. Are You on … Read more

How to Choose Healthy Fats and Oils

How to choose healthy fats and oils

Have you ever been told eating fat makes you fat? Do you avoid saturated fat to protect your arteries? Maybe you eat a low-fat diet because you believe it’s good for you. For decades, fat has been unfairly painted as a villain. You might be surprised to learn fats are incredibly important for your health. … Read more

Food, Pregnancy and Your Baby’s Gut Bacteria

Food Pregnancy and the gut

Your microbiome, the bacteria living in your digestive system, mouth, vagina and on your skin is incredibly important for good health. As unique as your fingerprint, your microbiome contains thousands of different bacterial strains, some healthy and some not so healthy. These bugs live symbiotically with you as their host. You give them a home … Read more

Meet your organs of detoxification

At this time of the year, everyone’s talking about detoxification. But do you know how your body detoxifies? In this blog you’ll become familiar with the parts of your body working tirelessly on your behalf to keep you safe from harmful substances. Learn to Love Your Liver Your liver has the lion’s share of work … Read more

How to Have Naturally Healthy Joints

natural healthy joints

Do you suffer from painful, stiff joints? Are you finding you can’t do the things you enjoy because of joint pain? Have you put it down to the wear and tear of ageing? Joint pain, inflammation, stiffness and poor flexibility, collectively known as arthritis, affect over nine million people in the UK, yet they’re not … Read more

Wave Goodbye to Seasonal Affective Disorder

Do you dread the long dark evenings? Is it a struggle to crawl out of bed in the darkness of winter mornings? If so, you’re not alone, because an estimated one in three people in the UK suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, appropriately known as SAD. Read on for some practical tips to avoid the … Read more

Microbiome and Autism: How Gut Bacteria Influence Your Behaviour

Did you know the bacteria living in your gut, collectively called your microbiome, don’t only influence how well you digest and absorb nutrients, but affect more or less every part of your body, including your brain? In this blog you’ll learn how your microbiome influences behaviour, particularly in relation to autism. Meet Your Microbiome Your … Read more

How to Nurture Your Prostate this Movember

Are you growing your moustache for Movember? It’s that time of the year again when men across the globe begin sporting facial hair of all sizes, shapes and colours. Movember aims to raise awareness of prostate cancer and has so far raised almost £400 million to support men’s health. Discover how you can naturally support … Read more

Reduce Insulin Resistance to Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Are you one of the 10% of people worldwide living with diabetes? World Diabetes Day coincides with the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, one of the discoverers of insulin. Read on to learn about the connection between insulin resistance and diabetes, and how to reduce your risk. Introducing Insulin Insulin is a hormone produced by … Read more

The Surprising Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol has been used as a social drug for around ten thousand years. You’ve probably seen many contradictory headlines about alcohol and wondered what effect it’s really having on your health. As part of Alcohol Awareness Week, read on for plenty of interesting facts about alcohol and learn about some of its unexpected health effects.  … Read more

What do Your Stress Hormones Reveal About You?

Did you know stress causes measurable chemical changes in your body? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look at those chemicals and see exactly how stress is affecting your health? Read on to discover what your stress hormones are saying about you. Your Response to Stress National Stress Awareness Day provides an opportunity … Read more

How to Discover if Your Thyroid is Struggling

Are you constantly tired? Is your hair and skin dry and dull? Do you feel the cold and have trouble losing weight? These are all classic symptoms of a struggling thyroid gland, yet despite your suspicions your blood test results may have shown nothing wrong. Or are you taking thyroxine, your levels seemingly within range … Read more

Cholesterol: Hero or Villain?

If there’s ever a much-maligned and misunderstood substance, it’s cholesterol. Painted as a villain as it wreaks havoc clogging up your arteries, you may believe it’s only possible to be healthy if your cholesterol is low. To coincide with National Cholesterol Awareness Month, let’s become a little more familiar with cholesterol You Need Cholesterol Cholesterol … Read more

How to have a happy, healthy menopause

Do you suffer from the dreaded menopausal night sweats, forgetfulness, achy joints and insomnia? Maybe you’re wondering why you’re affected, while other women seemingly breeze through their menopause? Menopause is a natural transition experienced by every woman – it’s not a disease and you shouldn’t have to live with these uncomfortable symptoms. In celebration of … Read more

Breast Cancer – Reduce your risk

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month runs throughout October, aiming to increase understanding of the disease and its risk factors. During this October alone, around 5,000 women in the UK will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Read on to discover how diet and lifestyle influence the development or recurrence of breast cancer, so you can take … Read more

Wave Goodbye to PMS

If you regularly suffer from PMS, you don’t need me to remind you how much it can get you down. Although every sufferer experiences PMS slightly differently, you may find the troublesome psychological and physical symptoms significantly impair your quality of life. PMS symptoms are caused because of imbalances in oestrogen and progesterone, your female … Read more

Escape the Misery of Cystitis

Do you suffer from cystitis over and over again? Do you dread the warning signs – the burning sensation when you pee, and feeling like you need to visit the toilet every ten minutes? Read on because help is at hand. Urology Awareness Month runs throughout September, and although urology covers the kidneys, bladder and, … Read more

Reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease

If you’ve watched a loved one slowly develop the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, you’ll know what a debilitating and distressing condition it is. World Alzheimer’s Day aims to improve understanding about this frightening and devastating disease. By highlighting issues faced by people with Alzheimer’s, its goal is to reduce the stigma faced by sufferers. In this … Read more

Know your numbers for good blood pressure health

Do you know what your blood pressure should be? Read on to make sense of the numbers adding up to healthy blood pressure. Know Your Numbers week runs from the 7th – 14th September. A campaign by Blood Pressure UK, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of your blood pressure being within the normal range. During the week, blood pressure is usually checked for free at … Read more

Boost your child’s immunity ready for the new school term

With the new school term looming, you may wonder how to ensure your child’s immune system is in tip–top condition ahead of fresh challenges related to social distancing. Our immune system does an amazing job in protecting us from bacterial and viral infections, but compromised immunity means your child may be more likely to pick up infections and take longer to recover. It makes sense … Read more

How to overcome Social Anxiety

When you look back over 2020 so far, what is your predominant emotion? For many, it’s a heightened sense of anxiety. Any unpredictable, potentially life-threatening event outside of your control is bound to cause fear and stress. Add in social separation from and concern for loved ones, money worries and upheaval of normal work and schooling routines, and this … Read more

Are your Hormones Umbalanced? Find out with the DUTCH test.

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I’m interested in finding out the causes of your health problems and this means a lot of detective work to discover imbalances in your organs and systems. To help pinpoint these I use specific tests allowing me to take a detailed look at the biochemistry of your body. In this blog we’ll dive into one test I use to examine hormone balance, the Dried Urine Test … Read more

How to Relax on a Staycation

Holidays are meant to be relaxing, but world events may mean travelling abroad is too stressful for you to contemplate right now. Even staying safe holidaying within the UK can be a challenging prospect if you’re worried about COVID 19. So why not holiday at home instead this year? Read on to discover some inspiring … Read more

Delicious and Healthy Picnic Ideas for Summer

Picnic ideas for summer

Now summer is officially here, why not make the most of the immune-supporting effects of spending time in nature? Heading out for a picnic is also safe way to connect with loved ones. To give you some inspiration, here are some healthy, delicious and portable picnic ideas packed with nutrition as well as flavour. Grab your picnic blanket and … Read more

Your Genes and Methylation – the MTHFR Story

Tiny differences in one of your genes can have wide-ranging effects on your health. Chances are you’ve never heard of your MTHFR gene, and you probably wouldn’t suspect it of contributing to your health problems. In this blog we’ll examine the link between this gene and a process called methylation. Knowing how your genetic inheritance affects methylation can help you live your healthiest life. Do you Have a Genetic Mutation? Your genes have … Read more

Are Your Running on Empty

Are you running on empty

Your mitochondria are tiny energy factories found in every single cell of your body. When they aren’t fully charged, you’ll lack energy and feel fatigued. If you’re sleepwalking through life or experiencing seemingly unrelated symptoms affecting your wellbeing, your cellular batteries could be empty. In a previous blog we looked at what your mitochondria need … Read more

Are Your Batteries Fully Charged?

Are your batteries fully charged

Do you wish you had more energy? Did you drag yourself out of bed this morning only to feel fatigued and foggy–headed? In this blog we’ll look at how your body produces energy, as well as the substances your energy factories need to perform at their best. We’ll also provide you with some solutions to recharge your batteries and restore your energy. Mitochondria – … Read more

Top 7 Juices

Your immune system is crucial to keep you healthy. It acts as a detective, patrolling your body for invaders and responding to threats by neutralising dangerous substances and repairing any damage. When your immune system fails to recognise hazards, invaders such as bacteria and viruses can reproduce, and you’ll fall ill. If it doesn’t properly … Read more

Don’t Forget to Check for Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Awareness

Around 2300 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer every year, with the number of cases doubling in the last 50 years. To coincide with Men’s Health Week, in this blog we’ll share some information about testicular cancer, and how you can reduce your risk. What is Testicular Cancer? Testicular cancer starts in one of your testicles, the male … Read more

Don’t Let Hay Fever Ruin Your Summer

Are you one of the 13 million people in the UK who suffer from hay fever? Hay fever can leave you feeling rough – itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, headaches, cough, sinus congestion and itching skin all causing daytime misery and problems sleeping. In this article you’ll find out why hay fever occurs as well as some tips to manage the … Read more

Avoiding Osteoporosis One Step at a Time

Are you concerned about your bone health? If so, you’re not alone – over three million people in the UK suffer from osteoporosis. The word osteoporosis literally means ‘porous bones’, with bones becoming less dense and more liable to fracture. Often, osteoporosis doesn’t give rise to any early warning symptoms. Many people leave it until they experience a fracture before giving … Read more

How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home with children

With social distancing set to continue for the time being, home-working is now well established as the new norm. If you belong to the 60% of the UK population who’ve never worked from home before the pandemic, the shift in working life can be challenging. Working remotely from your colleagues can be isolating, increase anxiety and stress, and can impact upon your mental health. Read on for some top tips … Read more



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