The Relationship Between Sugar and Inflammation

Sugar and Inflammation

Inflammation is the fire in your body thought to be at the root of all chronic disease. But did you know it can be ignited by sugar? It’s Sugar Awareness Week, so read on to discover the link between sugar and inflammation and it’s effects on our health. Acute vs Chronic Inflammation Inflammation seems to […]

Managing Stress to Balance Your Hormones

Managing Sress

Hands up if you’re stressed right now? It’s no secret stress can leave you feeling tired and irritable, and even affect your immune system. But did you know stress plays havoc with your hormones, too? Because all hormones are so closely connected to each other, if one is out of balance all the others can […]

Nutrition and Your Baby’s Brain

Nutrition and brain development

Your food choices during pregnancy and your child’s diet in early life significantly influence the development of their brain throughout childhood, teenage years and even adulthood.   Providing the best nutrition for the brain early on can have lifelong benefits. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the nutrients needed to ensure your baby’s […]

How Your Female Hormones Affect Your Thyroid

Thyroid Gland

Do you suspect thyroid issues are behind your health concerns? You couldn’t survive without your thyroid gland, so it’s worth looking after. It can be affected by many lifestyle factors– nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, stress and lack of sleep, as well as exposure to toxic metals and pollutants. But one unsuspected cause of thyroid issues can […]

Natural Approaches to Manage Lupus

Lupus Disease

Do you or a loved one suffer from lupus? Would you like to understand more about this sometimes mysterious disease and learn how to naturally manage your condition? Lupus Awareness Month runs throughout October. Raising the profile of the disease as well as understanding the impact it has is important because lupus can have a […]

Eight Steps to Naturally Manage Arthritis


World Arthritis Day not only aims to raise awareness of joint health problems but also highlights the issues faced by people suffering from arthritis. If you’re affected by arthritis, you’ll know how frustrating it can be. Apart from the aches, pain and stiffness, you might find it hard to keep active and manage your weight. […]

Look After Your Urinary Health

Look after your urinary health

September is Urology Awareness Month, aiming to raising awareness of urological health issues and break down the taboo and stigma surrounding talking about the urinary system. 50% of the UK population will be affected by urological disease at some point. Read on to find out more about problems affecting the urological system, and how to […]

How to Protect Yourself From Gynaecological Cancers

cancer ribbons

September is Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, aiming to raise the profile of cancers affecting the female reproductive system. 21,000 women are diagnosed with gynae cancers each year in the UK, and on average, 21 women sadly die every day as a result. One problem is symptoms from gynae cancers may be missed because some women […]

Childhood Eczema: How to Naturally Stop the Itch

Childhood Eczema and how to stop the itch

Few things are as distressing as watching your child itch and scratch. Childhood eczema can cause unbearable irritation, the constant scratching leaving skin red, raw and bleeding and interfering with sleep. The misery of eczema can affect a child’s mental health as well as their confidence. This disease, affecting at least one in five children […]

Spotlight on Diverticular Disease


Experts estimate you have a 50% chance of developing diverticular disease in your lifetime. If you’ve ever experienced a painful attack of diverticulitis, you’ll probably want to avoid having one again. In this article, you’ll find out why diverticular disease develops and discover natural measures you can take to prevent this distressing condition, ease any […]

How Your Diet and Lifestyle Affect Your Baby’s Health

Unborn baby eating junk food

It makes sense your food choices while pregnant and breastfeeding influence your baby’s health. But you might not realise lifestyle choices, such as exercise, stress and sleep during pregnancy can affect your child’s lifelong wellbeing. Even your diet and lifestyle in the period leading up to conception can have long-term positive health effects, not only […]

Is Pollution Harming Your Gut?

Pollution and your gut

It’s no surprise pollution is bad news for health. You’re probably imagining chimneys belching out fumes and the thick industrial smog from decades ago, so you might be surprised to learn air today is dirtier than ever. Air pollution is increasing in many countries, while in the UK, it’s estimated to be responsible for over […]

Natural Support for Psoriasis

Natural Support for Psoriasis

If you’re familiar with psoriasis, you’ll know this skin condition can make life miserable. You may have tried all manner of ointments and creams only to find they help for a short while before the itchy, unsightly patches of skin return with a vengeance.  Around 2% of people in the UK are affected by psoriasis, […]

Breastfeeding and Your Baby’s Microbiome

Breastfeeding and your babies Microbiome

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, aiming to highlight the benefits of breastfeeding your baby. Breast milk supports your baby’s health in many ways, some of them lasting a lifetime. Read on to discover the importance of breast milk to your baby. Why Breastfeed? Despite many public health campaigns highlighting the benefits of breast milk and urging […]

Introducing Glutathione, Your Master Antioxidant

Glutathione your master antioxidant

Chances are you’ve never heard of glutathione, yet it’s one of the most important substances in your body. Crucial for preventing cellular ageing, optimal levels of this important antioxidant keep you healthy and prevent chronic disease. Interested in finding out more about this incredible substance? Then read on. Antioxidant Power Glutathione is an antioxidant, so […]

How to Naturally Support Progesterone Levels

Progesterone Supporting foods

Are you one of the millions of women suffering symptoms of low progesterone? Read on to learn about this important female hormone, why it’s often in short supply and how to take action to support your progesterone levels. Meet Your Progesterone First, let’s introduce progesterone. In your menstruating years, it’s the dominant hormone in the […]

Are Screens Affecting Your Child’s Wellbeing?

Are Screens Affecting Your Child’s Wellbeing

Are screens affecting your child’s wellbeing? The Covid-19 pandemic with the rise in online learning has significantly increased the amount of time children spend in front of screens. While some of this shift has been positive, screen time is associated with several health issues. Research from seven years ago estimated children spend on average over […]

Naturally Manage Fibromyalgia Pain

naturally manage fibromyalgia pain

Do ongoing muscle pains, aching and stiffness make your life a misery? Are areas around your body incredibly painful even from the slightest pressure? Do routine tasks like putting on clothes or drying yourself with a towel, or even the feeling of your socks on your legs suddenly become painful with no warning? If you […]

Women and Heart Disease: Know Your Risk

heart disease in women

Would you be surprised to learn heart disease kills over twice as many women each year than does breast cancer? Around 65 women will die from a heart attack every single day, with an average of four women per hour being admitted to hospital with a heart attack. Yet heart disease is often thought of […]

How to Feed Your Microbiome

microbiome - Passing bacteria through contact image

World Microbiome Day 2021 aims to raise the profile of all things microbial. This year’s theme is sustainability because healthy microbes are essential to the long-term health not only of the planet but everyone living on it. This article will delve into the complex relationship between the unique microbes influencing your health and the food […]

How to Naturally Support Male Fertility

Naturally support male fertility

Can Functional Medicine help with Male Fertility? Men’s Health Week 2021 concentrates on optimising wellbeing as life moves on after Covid-19. Men are being encouraged to adopt healthy lifestyle strategies to benefit both their mental and physical health. This blog will look at one area of men’s health capable of causing huge mental anguish – […]

Can You Spot the Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes?

diabetes just ahead

Can You Spot the Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes? To coincide with Diabetes Week, come with us on a deep dive into Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is a largely preventable lifestyle disease. If untreated, it leads to complications like nerve damage, vision loss, heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and foot problems, so […]

Are Migraines Making You Miserable?

Are migraines making you miserable

Are Migraines making you miserable? Do you suffer from migraines? So much more than simply a headache, migraines can be debilitating. Often sufferers are left confined to bed and unable to function, with the time between attacks spent dreading the next one. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone because migraines affect around six […]

New Discoveries about Long Covid, the Hidden Epidemic

The effects of long covid

Are you still suffering from health issues months after catching Covid-19? Then you’re not alone, because at least one in ten people who’ve tested positive for Covid go on to develop symptoms of long Covid. Read on to learn more about long Covid and how natural therapies can help. The Hidden Effects of Covid Even […]

Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally for a Longer Healthier Life

Reduce Blood Pressure naturally

When was the last time you checked your blood pressure? Do you know if yours is high? If it is, would you like to know how to reduce your blood pressure naturally? This week sees World Hypertension Day, aimed at improving awareness of the dangers of high blood pressure. The message of this year’s campaign […]

How Heat and Cold Shock Proteins Benefit Your Health

Cold Water Shock Proteins and their benefits to your health

Did you know exposing your body to extreme temperatures can be beneficial to your health? When you’re very hot or very cold, substances called heat and cold shock proteins are produced. These help cells regenerate, support the immune system, improve your resilience to stress and even protect your brain. Read on to discover why you […]

Skin Cancer – How to Reduce Your Risk

Reduce your risk of skin cancers - sunscreen image

Do you love the feel of the sun on your skin? If like many people you’re craving a beach holiday, you’ll be familiar with the uplifting effects of sunlight. But sun exposure has a dark side. Skin cancer is the number one cancer in the UK and is increasing faster than any other. With many […]

Naturally Support Eye Health to Avoid Glaucoma

Glaucoma and prevention

Could you recognise the warning signs of glaucoma? A misunderstood condition, usually with no symptoms in its early stages, glaucoma is nicknamed ‘the silent thief of vision’ because it’s a leading cause of blindness if left untreated. World Glaucoma Week aims to raise awareness of the importance of regular checks to detect the early onset […]

Can You Think Yourself Younger?

think yourself younger

Your genetic blueprint, the instruction manual in your DNA, was long thought to control your destiny by preventing you from developing some diseases while predisposing you to suffer from others. But recent research into genetics has revealed the environment, rather than your genes, primarily determines whether you remain healthy or not. This means you have […]

Is There a Link Between Autism and Methylation

Is There a Link Between Autism and Methylation

World Autism Day aims to increase awareness of and inclusion for people with autism. In this article, we ask the question, is there a link between Autism and methylation. Methylation Explained To understand what’s meant by methylation, think of a biochemical cycle constantly taking place in every cell of your body. The process transfers a […]

Your Microbiome: Why Variety is Key

How is your microbiome today? Contented? Unhappy? How could you possibly tell? Your microbiome is the ecosystem containing bacteria, fungi and even viruses living inside you. It will provide clues in the form of symptoms to tell you when it’s in good health or out of sorts, but you may not immediately associate these with […]

Reduce Your Risk of Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer PRevention

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK, with over 40,000 people diagnosed each year. It can affect any age group, but the majority of people who develop bowel cancer are over 50. Estimates suggest more than half of bowel cancer cases are connected to lifestyle factors and therefore preventable. Bowel Cancer […]

Are Mycotoxins Behind Your Health Issues?

Do you eat nutritious food, sleep well and manage your stress yet still experience health issues? Have you tried to find the cause of your symptoms without success? Maybe you feel there’s a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle between you and good health. Have you ever considered the impact moulds could be having on […]

How is Vitamin D Linked to Autism?

Vitamin D and Autism

Vitamin D is crucial for many important functions in your body from immune health and bone development to combatting inflammation and controlling blood sugar, but did you know a lack of vitamin D may contribute to the development of autism? Science is discovering more about vitamin D every day and some of these studies are […]

Natural Support for the Misery of Endometriosis

March is endometriosis month

Are you one of the 10% of women affected by endometriosis? Despite causing severe pain and disruption to quality of life, the condition is frequently overlooked and rarely discussed. Worse, many women suffer for a considerable time – an average of seven and a half years – before they’re diagnosed. Part of the issue is […]

The Positive Effects of Meditation

The poaitive effects of meditation on your family

Do you intend to try meditation but have trouble fitting it into your day? This article will look at some of the wide-ranging physical and mental benefits of meditation. If you think you’re too busy to meditate, it could be just what your body needs. What is Meditation? Meditation involves learning how to direct your […]

How Clean is too Clean?

Can you be too clean - is this too clean?

Do you feel you need to eradicate all the germs in your home and on your skin? Many people believe all bacteria are dangerous, and with the advent of covid-19, destroying them seems sensible, meaning sales of hand sanitisers and antibacterial cleaning agents have skyrocketed. But can you end up being too clean? Read on […]

How to Manage Raynaud’s Naturally

Raynauds treatment

Do you suffer from cold, numb and painful fingers at the slightest hint of cold weather? Then you may be suffering from Reynaud’s syndrome. February is often the coldest month of the year, meaning misery for the ten million Raynaud’s sufferers in the UK. This month sees Raynaud’s Awareness Month, aiming to increase understanding of […]

The Many Health Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent fasting

Have you ever tried fasting? It’s free, comes with numerous health benefits and is surprisingly easy to do. In this article you’ll learn about what happens to your body when you fast, how it can help you stay healthier for longer, and easy ways to incorporate fasting into your lifestyle. Fasting is Natural Fasting describes […]