“I have known and worked with Jo Gamble for a couple of years and her knowledge and work within the nutritional field is outstanding. She has helped so many of my staff and members with their diets and illnesses. She has also worked with our professional boxers offering them nutritional support. The members, staff and myself all look forward to her talks which she holds regularly at the gym for anyone wanting to attend. A very supportive, informed and professional nutritionist.”

Glenn Smith
Red Corner Gym

As a highly graded martial artist (6th Dan) I have been interested in nutrition for many years. I actually thought I had an in depth knowledge of this area until I met Jo Gamble.
Her knowledge about nutrition is absolutely incredible.
It’s nice to meet someone who has obviously done vast amounts of academic research into nutrition and it’s benefits but who has also had real life experience. Not all the information can be found in books, some must be found through the hard personal toils of life and Jo has experienced more than her fair share of life’s challenges, which makes her a very congruent person.
I personally have found Jo very easy to talk to, she is very attentive to her clients needs, very professional and knows her subject matter inside out and for these reasons I have no hesitation in highly recommending her to any one.

Tony Somers –  Author, Trainer – Coach

“I had my first consultation with Jo Gamble and was immediately impressed with Jo’s professionalism knowledge and commitment. I believe that the nutritional and lifestyle changes that Jo has recommended have been a hugely positive step in dealing with my medical condition”

Brian Lockyer

I was recommended to consult Jo initially with a thyroid problem and have seen positive results with this through blood tests. The changes that Jo has suggested not only in food choices but also in lifestyle have improved my general health and energy levels. I read a lot of books about nutrition and health but I realize I didn’t know much at all after consulting Jo as not only does she have a wealth of knowledge but she is so inspirational. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo.

Esther Murphy

“Jo’s knowledge & commitment to her clients is amazing. Working with her firstly gave me hope as somebody was finally listening & piecing the puzzle together, each symptom however trivial meant something, secondly it freed me from the autoimmune disease roller coaster of ill health & immunosuppressant drug therapy and its side effects, thirdly I gained good health after many years of struggling & a longed-for baby, she is absolutely incredible!”


“Deteriorating health and additional medication were not where I wanted to be at the beginning of 2015!
Being guided to Jo Gamble was the start of a great improvement in my wellbeing.

Through her knowledge and experience, she helped me change my eating habits from fairly good to great and with the addition of supplements I have now made an investment in my future health.

Now I want to know why more people don’t look at this holistic approach, there is nothing to lose and so much to be gained!

2016 looks so much brighter for me.”

Sandra from Shrewsbury

“I was referred to Jo after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She has an impressive breadth of knowledge about cancer and nutrition, and she will research anything that she doesn’t know (for example, checking interactions with new drugs). Jo loves understanding the science of cancer and nutrition too – which is very reassuring. After every consultation, Jo sends me a detailed plan summarising what we have discussed with clear action points that I can follow up. I feel healthier now than I have done for years!

Following Jo’s careful advice I eat like a king and feel better than I have done for years!

Jo is a goldmine of nutrition knowledge and suggestions. She loves knowing how the body works (and is excellent at explaining it in layman’s terms) and she keeps abreast of the academic work around nutrition – I feel confident that she is up to date with the very latest understanding.”


Both my husband and I suffered from medical conditions and could find no solution from conventional medicine. Finding Jo was the turning point in our recovery. Her pragmatic yet caring approach and her vast knowledge has given us our health back and caused positive ripple effects through our family as we pass on her teachings to them. We have to travel two hours to see her but it is a small price to pay for our overall health. Can’t thank her enough!


I have been working with Jo for just over 12 months now to support me with nutrition & functional healing & am delighted with my progress to date. Jo listens & understands the deeper issues, offering the most appropriate support & solution. Her help in keeping me remained focused & on track is truly appreciated.

Jo Coles

Knowledgeable, intelligent, informed, decisive.

Name not given

Jo is an amazing support – highly knowledgeable, practical, kind and gets to the knub of issues quickly. Highly recommended!

Name not given

Jo Gamble is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner who puts you at ease, is patient and listens. Jo is also excellent at explaining complicated issues. I am confident that she will help me to attain a much better quality of life.

Name not given

If you need a functional practitioner to help look no further than embracing nutrition. Jo is so enthusiastic and really lifts your spirits. Certainly very knowledgeable and keen. When conventional medicine failed Jo didn’t, she has supported me and completely changed my diet for the better. Takes the time to explain what she is doing and the reason why she thinks her recommendations will be good for me. Always there for support, she has an impressive range of knowledge about cancer and will always check interactions with conventional drugs.

Graham {lung cancer sufferer} 

I was highly recommended to Jo and was not disappointed. I have seen multiple practitioners and Jo exceeded them by far. Jo is very knowledgeable and I am thankful to have her as my son’s practitioner and am looking forward to the future of my son’s health development with Jo by our side.

Name not given

Jo was extremely thorough in taking my history. Demonstrated really great listening skills and asked very thought provoking questions. It was a pleasure to have a consultation with her

Name not given

I literally cried with happiness that I felt I had finally found someone who understood, listened and was on the same page as me. Jo was extremely professional, explained things very clearly and I was extremely happy with the appointment. I feel that I have hope again!

Name not given

I always feel very positive after a consultation with Jo. I trust her knowledge & judgement. I always digest all the information given & then carry out what has been advised. I am always recommending Jo to family & friends! I look forward to my next appointment!

Name not given

I always feel very positive after a consultation with Jo. I trust her knowledge & judgement. I always digest all the information given & then carry out what has been advised. I am always recommending Jo to family & friends! I look forward to my next appointment!

Name not given

I have struggled for years to find a therapist with Jo’s expertise. I can’t thank her enough for her help and patience


I was very pleased with the whole process from booking an appointment, the many reminders, the lovely receptionists and jo’s caring, candid and supportive help. I would not hesitate to recommend jo to anyone.


Jo was warm and friendly and extremely informative and knowledgeable. I actually feel like a weight has been lifted from me now she’s on board with my journey back to health!


Jo always gives considered first class advice, she is extremely supportive and caring and I would very much recommend her as a Functional Medicine Practitioner of the highest standard.


Since starting my consultations with Jo and following her recommendations. I have felt so much better physically and mentally. I had a kidney removed in November due to cancer in Fecember 2017 and further scan have show it I’d im my lungs too. The flecks on my lungs have been kept at bay and I am not on targeted treatment at present. I could not recommend jo highly enough she is knowledgeable, professional, and incredible intuitive along with being a lovely person too.


Jo always makes me feel a renewed sense of confidence that I’m on the right track; I know she’s got my back throughout my journey with terminal illness, wherever it leads. She’s the brains behind my cancer protocol, so I can simply concentrate on being happy, staying calm and being as healthy as I can. It’s just such a huge help to have someone with her degree of knowledge do the research on my behalf, as it can become very, very complex living with cancer. We’ve been working together for over two years now, and I simply can’t imagine not having her to maximise my health potential. You’re a star!


Jo was very understanding of my daughters IBS condition. The words she used were positive and encouraging and finally we have a plan to move forward after 11 years of stalemate


Jo is an amazing support to our family and we credit her with keeping our daughter healthy through her cancer journey and beyond. Jo is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped us all in so many ways. We feel very lucky to have Jo supporting us. We literally would not be where we are today without Jo. Thank you.


What a wonderful consultation with one of the most impressive and inspirational people I’ve ever met. Cannot wait to see what happens on this journey into making my health the best it’s ever been


Wonderful practitioner with second to non skills. I would highly recommend Jo to anyone and everyone as her knowledge is extremely expansive with wonderful personal skills too.


I’m thoroughly enjoying my journey working with Jo after deciding that I’d got a few minor symptoms that deserved some investigation, but which the NHS probably wouldn’t want to investigate. Jo is extremely knowledgeable and approachable, instilling confidence in me for the path we are exploring together. I have no hesitation in recommending Jo whether you think your symptoms are large or small, as Jo will take them seriously and you don’t need your health to escalate to an NHS-level diagnosis to access her help. If it bothers you, it’s worth investigating, and Jo is the knowledge-bank that you want to have by your side.


Highly knowledgeable and professional consultation. I feel in very safe hands. Thank you.


Jo is absolutely great. She is very understanding and easy to open up to. She is professional and has a lot of knowledge which makes you feel confident in being able to improve your life and empowered to take control of your health.


Jo is very understanding and approachable, she listens and takes on board all of your concerns and deals with them asap. So glad I found her.


I saw some great results from the functional testing that Jo recently re-ordered. It has been only 18 months since I started this plan and I have already seen such improvements and evidence that my health is moving in the right direction. The amount of confidence and reassurance this gives me, after being diagnosed with a critical illness, is immense. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with Jo’s guidance and insight.


I had such a good consultation with Jo. She was so passionate about functional medicine and I feel confident we will get to the bottom of my health issues


We feel confident that the advice from Jo will support our daughter, help her to manage her conditions and her overall health.


Such a luxury to feel listened to by a professional whose advice I hugely value. Thank you


Very informative session and very focussed protocol put in place.


Jo is very professional and lovely person, I am very happy that I had the opportunity to meet her. I would definitely recommend her to anybody!!!!


Jo Gamble is a star


Jo is an absolute pillar for my wellbeing, and always makes me feel reassured


I wouldn’t have believed I would actually feel well again until I met Jo who not only describes things to me so that I understand, prescribes supplements that work and advises small life-style changes but also heals. I can’t recommend Jo enough – if you want to begin the journey to wellness listen to what she has to say and follow her advice.


We always look forward to see Jo. She is very kind and compassionate person. Very professional lady with massive knowledge. I consider myself very lucky to have her as my therapist.


Professional, friendly, experienced service, assisting me to optimal wellness and the new office location is lovely.


Jo was extremely accommodating and a really excellent listener. I felt as though she fully understood what I told her and was hugely knowledgable. She quickly came to a conclusion and gave me two good options going forward. We settled on one and I came away feeling really positive. I am very much looking forward to making progress with her.


I have been researching functional medicine for a while now and glad I found Jo through the IMF website. I have been given some lifestyle and diet changes to incorporate which have already started to help. Jo focuses on the root cause and the whole body rather than looking at just a cure for a certain problem. This approach to medicine is definitely the way forward and I have already recommended to friends.


Very thorough and very professional. Jo actually listens to what clients have to say in great depth and that is very refreshing


I am so impressed at the knowledge that jo has and confident that she is doing her very best to get my body in the best shape to fight my cancer and I am so grateful to have her in my support network


Jo has helped me to bring all the pieces together and look at my health, diet and lifestyle holistically. She is professional, knowledgeable and “down to earth” and I highly recommend her.


I have been consulting Jo for about 15 months and she has guided me to understand how important it is for me to manage and balance my lifestyle to maintain good gut, and totally linked to that, general good health. I was impressed with Jo’s knowledge, ability to make complex systems in my body very understandable, and her empathy and understanding for someone with my health challenges. She was also very direct in letting me know what the impact could be of not addressing these issues – and that was exactly what I needed to make me take it seriously and make the necessary changes. The changes were not only effective but also added a huge amount of pleasure into my life despite the constant challenge of making sure I practise these rituals to support my health on a daily basis. The improvement in my health was outstanding, so much so that people around me were asking me how come I looked so healthy! And had so much energy too! Jo has taught me that balance is really important and that my natural instinct to be busy and take on a lot was not supporting my health and in fact causing the problems with my gut, hair falling out clogging up the shower drain, poor experience of menopause, anxiety, bloating, food sensitivities and asthma, and other symptoms. Healing is a process and Jo is very sensitive to how challenging it is to make sustained lifestyle changes to support this process. She also impresses on me that lifestyle is one of the most powerful ‘medicines’ to support healing.  Jo is very cognizant of what impact significant life events have on health and is empathetic and understanding. Her combination of forensic exploration of underlying root causes of symptoms; guidance on diet, supplements and lifestyle; straight talking and empathy, make Jo the first person I would consult with about all existing and any future health concerns.