Is There a Link Between Autism and Methylation

Is There a Link Between Autism and Methylation

World Autism Day aims to increase awareness of and inclusion for people with autism. In this article, we ask the question, is there a link between Autism and methylation. Methylation Explained To understand what’s meant by methylation, think of a biochemical cycle constantly taking place in every cell of your body. The process transfers a […]

How is Vitamin D Linked to Autism?

Vitamin D and Autism

Vitamin D is crucial for many important functions in your body from immune health and bone development to combatting inflammation and controlling blood sugar, but did you know a lack of vitamin D may contribute to the development of autism? Science is discovering more about vitamin D every day and some of these studies are […]

Microbiome and Autism: How Gut Bacteria Influence Your Behaviour

Did you know the bacteria living in your gut, collectively called your microbiome, don’t only influence how well you digest and absorb nutrients, but affect more or less every part of your body, including your brain? In this blog you’ll learn how your microbiome influences behaviour, particularly in relation to autism. Meet Your Microbiome Your […]