14 days detox with Jo Gamble



14 Day Detox Course with Jo Gamble

Are you in need of optimising your wellbeing?
Has living in 2020 allowed your health to slip?
Are you ready for 2021 to be your year?
Are you in need of excellent guidance, top quality education and motivation and support to help you to achieve your health goals?
Jo Gamble, the UKs first functional medicine practitioner is taking you through a 14 day Detox
Jo will be giving you a step by step process to support all organs of detoxification: your liver, your gut, your skin your lungs and your kidneys
Jo who has has great success in working with group programs will use her skills to optimise your wellbeing.
Goals of the Detox:
  • To help you to feel better
  • To support weight loss
  • To reduce cravings and sugar addiction
  • To give you a reboot
  • To motivate you to be on the right steps to optimise your wellbeing

Who Should Detox?

If you are addicted to food, or are struggling to break free from bad eating patterns, or if you have any of the following symptoms:
You have any of the following symptoms:
  • headaches
  • hormonal imbalance
  • You have low energy
  • struggle to sleep
  • low mood
  • joint pain
  • you are over weight
  • you have food cravings
  • You have nausea
  • You want to regain YOU

2020 has taught us all how important wellness is, so Jo is taking you on a journey to optimise your wellbeing in 2021

This product gains you access to full support to achieve these goals via a private Facebook Group where you will be guided to achieve these goals. You will be given details of how to access the group after purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Detox include:

This is a 2 week program which will include some dietary alterations and some lifestyle modifications.

It will focus on education to understand why this is important.

How will the education be delivered?

There will be 2 ½ hours of education each week which can be listened to live or caught up on at your leisure.

There are also Q and A opportunities

How will we be supported?

There is a closed Facebook group where Jo and The Team will be hanging out every day to support you along the way.

You will also be helping each other through the journey by answering and sharing posts in Facebook.

Will I lose weight on this programme?

Whilst this isn’t a weight loss programme, findings from our pilot study show that 96% of our delegates lost weight and inches. If weight loss is not your goal then please be mindful of portion sizes and eating enough protein. There is no restriction to quantities of food on this programme.

Do I need to take 2 weeks off work?

Absolutely not, this programme is designed to be part of your regular structure.

Is this a fast?

No, this programme is not a fast or calorie restricted. All foods included on the food list can be eaten with no restriction to the quantity.

Who is the programme suitable for?

It is aimed at anybody who wants to improve their wellbeing and to understand more about what they can do.

Can I buy the programme as a gift?

Yes you can purchase Gift Cards here





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