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Infection Control Techniques

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Please remember the virus can last for up to 3 days on surfaces such as plastic cardboard and metal

Remove your jewelry before you leave the house

Only take what is absolutely necessary out with you, avoid reusable shopping bags and even hand-bags purses and wallets.

Avoid using cash.

  • Wash hands before you come into your home if you can (use an outside tap or leave a bowl of soapy water outside) and change clothes immediatelyif working in a hospital do not wear your uniform or clothes home. If you have been into a supermarket or a hospital, change clothes immediately and go and shower including hair wash. And wash clothes in a hot wash.
  • When visiting hospital (or anywhere at risk) – Wash your hands on the way out, then alcohol gel them before touching your keys.
  • Keep your phone at work in a clear zip lock bag whilst in hospital avoid getting it out
  • Take wipes with you so you can wipe the steering wheel and your keys and car door handles, before opening them.
  • Have a plastic tray/box where you place any objects like glasses, pens, that you could have picked up the virus etc and you can wash down with soapy water or antibacterial spray and wipes
  • Leave shoes outside the door even if just been out for a pavement walk, only use inside shoes for inside.

When bringing anything into the house – please remember cardboard may contain virus for up to 3 days

Mail and deliveries:

  • Leave mail or packages in shed/porch for 3 days and then get rid of the outside packaging with gloves on and wipe anything before bringing it indoors.


  • Don’t allow shopping bags inside the house, leave outside and unpack with gloves on, antibacterial wipe the individual packages before putting in the fridge or take off the plastic / cardboard wrapping if possible
  • If you can’t leave bags outside, place on the floor and have a cleaned area where you place wiped items and then clean where they have been
  • Regularly wipe door handles, cupboard handles, the floor, kettle, toilet flush, taps as these are areas that are touched regularly to make sure nothing is passed between household members

Wheelie Bins

  • Use gloves to move wheelie bins in and out of your garden
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