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Balance Your Blood Sugar to Lose Weight

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Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to shift those excess pounds yet nothing seems to work? Then maybe you’d benefit from balancing your blood sugar levels. If they aren’t stable, you’ll find it hard to lose weight.

Read on to discover the link between blood sugar control and healthy weight management.

Are You on a Blood Sugar Rollercoaster?

Sugar cravings, energy slumps, headaches or the jitters if you go too long without food are sure signs your blood sugar is out of balance. You may find cravings ambush you in the middle of the afternoon, and you’ll probably have a sweet tooth.

Why Your Blood Sugar Fluctuates

Your body uses insulin to keep your blood sugar stable. Insulin is the hormone instructing your cells to allow sugar from your blood to enter, delivering energy.

All cells, particularly brain cells, need a constant supply of energy in the form of glucose. If your brain cells don’t have enough energy, they’ll send you a strong message telling you to eat. Your brain knows the quickest form of energy is sugar, so it will tell you in no uncertain terms to eat something sweet. This is a great strategy in an emergency but not ideal in the long term because when you eat something containing sugar, your blood glucose shoots up quickly. Too much sugar in your blood is definitely not a good idea because it can damage your cells and tissues, so any leftover glucose not immediately needed by your cells is shunted either into your liver or muscles or laid down as fat.

After a peak, your blood sugar may then plummet too low, and you’ll want to eat again. This can also cause you to feel jittery, irritable, shaky or clammy because if your blood sugar drops too low, your body will release adrenaline as an emergency measure to access stored sugar in your liver. However, the fat stays where it is.

This is why out of balance blood sugar tends to make you gain weight. It’s as if you’re always putting your wages into a deposit account but never spending them.

Blood Sugar and Insulin Resistance

If blood sugar is constantly yo-yoing, your cells may stop listening to insulin. It seems they tire of it constantly asking them to admit sugar, so they simply ignore it. This is known as insulin resistance, one of the factors in prediabetes.

Insulin resistance means insulin in your blood remains high, so it’s hard for fat to be burned for energy. This is partly why when your brain needs energy urgently, it doesn’t simply send out a command to burn off the stored fat. In fact, the more fat you have, the more likely it is you’ll be insulin resistant, particularly if your fat collects around your belly and abdominal organs. People who lose weight usually become more sensitive to insulin.

Blood Sugar Balancing Weight Loss Solutions

Improving insulin sensitivity and balancing your blood sugar can hold the key to weight management. Once your cells start to pay attention to insulin when it comes knocking, your body will have a chance to burn off your stored fat.

  • The food you choose affects how quickly your blood sugar increases. Anything with added sugar acts like rocket fuel, but foods containing natural fibre release energy far more slowly, calming your blood sugar’s white-knuckle ride. So the first thing to do is to quit sugar. Although this may seem hard, as your blood sugar flattens out your brain will no longer beg for sugar. Your taste buds will recalibrate too, and sweet foods will start to taste unbearably sweet. You’ll appreciate the natural sugar in plant foods far more.
  • Watch out for hidden sources of sugar. Check labels – you’ll be surprised at the foods with added sugar. Soft drinks and alcohol are laden with refined sugar. Beware drinks with artificial sweeteners, as these chemicals are thought to affect gut bacteria, increasing insulin resistance.
  • As your blood sugar fixes itself, you’ll no longer feel the need to snack between meals but when you’re starting off, a protein snack can be useful. Protein releases energy more slowly than carbohydrates, so won’t spike your sugar levels. Always include some protein with breakfast, launching your blood sugar off to a good start.
  • Don’t neglect fat – coconut oil is particularly useful as it appears to reduce insulin resistance.
  • Nutrients important for blood sugar control include magnesium, chromium, and vitamins E and D.

Let Me Help You Lose Weight by Balancing Your Blood Sugar

Losing weight is easier with help and guidance along the way. I will examine your personal metabolism, blood sugar control and nutrient profile to help you balance your blood sugar and reach your personal health and weight loss goals. Contact me to start your wellness journey today.

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