About Nia Davies

DipCNM, BA (Hons)

Nutritional Therapist

About Nia

Over the last 7 years, nutrition and lifestyle medicine has become a huge part of my life. My youngest child has many complex health challenges which have led me to search for both the root cause of his illnesses and also the road back to health. We have been told on multiple occasions that there are no other options left to help his body to heal and we needed to go home and learn to live with the growing list of symptoms. The first time that this happened I can recall coming home and feeling incredibly alone and scared about the future. This was the start of my relentless pursuit to find another way to support my son’s body to recover. This began with many late nights of researching on the world wide web, which is a rich source of information but can also be a bit of a mine field. To help me to better understand the power of Nutritional Therapy and to be able to critically evaluate the science I enrolled at the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

My time studying at the College of Naturopathic Medicine was invaluable in deepening my knowledge, giving me the skills to evaluate the latest science and research and understanding the complexity of supporting clients in clinic. Six years on from the start of my time at CNM I now also realise that not all of the science is yet available to support the potential of both food & lifestyle as medicine. Real life experience has, however, shown me the power that both can have, when applied with knowledge and experience.

The complexity of my son’s health challenges have shown me the importance of seeing every person as unique and individual. Everyone will experience a different journey into the world, childhood experiences, environmental exposures and life stressors, which could all contribute to the root cause or the driving force for disease. A complex medical diagnosis coupled with one or multiple medications requires an integrative and tailored approach. There is never a one size fits all when it comes to Nutritional Therapy and I love the individualised nature of creating workable plans for clients to support them on their road back to health.

The impact of our external environment on our internal environment fascinates me. Our genes may load the gun, but what is it within the environment that pulls the trigger? Our gut health is fundamental to our overall wellbeing and can so often be overlooked. Thankfully Nutritional Therapy is a powerful tool in restoring the diversity in our delicate ecosystem which impacts our immune system, brain health and lowering inflammation.

Deepening my knowledge in complex medical conditions that require an integrative approach like in the field of oncology has become a passion of mine. Just as I have had to turn over many stones to find the support needed to help my son to recover and to improve his quality of life, I take the same approach for my clients. Having completed training in Cancer & Integrative Oncology at the renowned Peat Institute I am now enrolled in their mentorship programme. This ensures that I am keeping up to date with the latest research and I have the support of Patricia Peat who has 35 years of experience supporting people with cancer.

Nutritional Therapy, lifestyle medicine and an integrative approach to oncology can open up a whole new world of possibilities and I would love to be able to support you on your journey.

In Summary

Nia is now taking on Nutritional Therapy clients in the following areas:

  • Oncology



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