Jo Gamble – Nutrition Consultant

Prior to the birth of my now 13-year-old daughter, I was a practicing behavioural therapist specializing in children with autism and complex learning and behavioural difficulties.

When my daughter became ill at just 19 months old, life would never quite be the same again. She was diagnosed with her first autoimmune disease; this went on to multiple autoimmune diseases, which just before her third birthday resulted in her starting a four-year chemotherapy regime to suppress her immune system. The treatment was grueling, making her so ill.

I always had an interest in the importance of food as medicine, so knew I had to make immediate changes to regain control of her failing health. Despite meeting some inspiring people, I didn’t feel there was one person who could answer all my questions, or point me in the right direction, or support our family in making the big life affecting decisions about her health. I felt as though this was support that would have eased our journey.

As well as being my daughter’s full time carer, I was reading every book I could lay my hands on, that may help me to help her, it was then I decided I needed a qualification in nutritional therapy so I could put my first hand experience into practice with others. Share my inspiration and determination to achieve wellness.

It was during my three years of study with The College of Naturopathic Medicine, I became involved with other families who like me had embarked on the no stone-unturned approach to wellness.

One of the young children I worked with, Alfie Gough was fighting neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer, unfortunately despite his parent’s courageous efforts, sadly Alfie passed away. It was important to them to keep a bit of Alfie alive, so we went on to set up The Alfie Gough Trust.

As a legacy to Alfie, I wrote my first cookbook, which has just been published, it can be purchased here.

This book was designed so families can eat the types of foods they want to eat, from children’s favourites, chicken nuggets and burgers to adult dishes including curries and chillies as well as cakes and bakes that taste and look delicious, whilst not compromising health.

As well as my busy private clinic in Coventry and the two charities, I also lecture in Nutrition for the College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I love to inspire the students to follow their dreams and embark on a career they will receive fulfillment from.

My hunger for further knowledge and to answer my favourite question WHY? Why do people get sick, WHY do people experience the symptoms they do, and WHY are they not responding to medical treatment. I embarked on my functional training in 2011 and in 2013 finally fulfilled my desire to gain the skills to support a client to dig deep into the underlying causes of their disease. Graduating from the Institute for Functional Medicine.

I completed my Fellowship in Integrative Cancer to further develop my understanding on the importance of leaving no stone unturned.

I love waking up every day, because in my job no two days are ever the same. My clients, the families I work with and the students I teach and practitioners I mentor continually inspire me to make a difference.