Gut Health and Your Immune System

When you imagine your immune system, you probably think of white blood cells racing around your body to seek out and destroy invaders such as bacteria, viruses and other nasties. It may come as a surprise to learn over three quarters of your immune system is located in your gut. Far from simply concerning itself simply with … Read more

How to Manage Stress

Image of woman trying to manage stress

Chances are you’ve felt the effects of stress since lockdown was introduced. For many people, the uncertainty and lack of control connected with coronavirus is hard to cope with. Stress affects everyone in different ways, and you are unique in what you perceive as a stressor. It may be family conflict, concern for the health of isolated loved ones, … Read more

Eating for Immunity

Your immune system is your body’s first line of defence against bacterial or viral infections. When a virus enters your body, various types of white blood cells are mobilised. These are designed to resist viruses, reduce their adverse effects and remember them for the future. A healthy immune system plays a crucial role in whether you fall ill in the … Read more

Boost your Mood and Immunity with Exercise

In these uncertain times, usual routines have been abandoned and responsibilities changed. You may find yourself with less time available to exercise, maybe because of home-schooling or caring responsibilities. Or you may have more time on your hands because of reductions in work priorities and the disappearance of regular social activities. Exercise is central to wellbeing, because it can have a significant impact not only on your … Read more

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